Folklore Traditions Modernized: A. Shevtsov's Academy of Self-Knowledge

V.V. Maliavin A few years ago in the abandoned summer camp for schoolchildren not far from the city of Ivanovo in Central Russia a man named Alexander Shevtsov, an ethnographer and psychologist by training, established what he calls “The Sanctuary of Folk life” (Заповедник народного быта). Usually the Russian word […]

Chinatown: How Chinese Civilization Goes Global

V.V.Maliavin It is well known that so called Chinatowns have become the most common institutionalized form of Chinese civilization’s global existence. What is Chinatown? What is Chinatown’s cultural nature as well as its historical significance? To answer these questions we have to look at first at the foundations of Chinese […]

The East, the West and Russia

Once Again on the Dichotomy of East and West The axiomatic fact of any anthropological or cross-cultural study is a kind of double-focused vision rooted in the recognition of «another» and alien humanness which can serve, however, as a part of our proper existence and our understanding of the world […]